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Airbrush Make up 100

Airbrush Makeup - HDTV
Powder puff and makeup sponge was yesterday. The future belongs to the airbrush make-up, the handling is easy. Through light touch on the spray bar micro airbrush make-up droplets are placed on the skin. The airbrush makeup contributes to not. The result is a natural-looking skin.  more>>

Airbrush Tattoo 100

Airbrush Tattoo
The trend of the times Airbrush Tattoo is here to stay. With specially developed Airbrush Tattoo inks and stencils, spray in 2 - 5 minutes deceptively real-looking tattoos. This Airbrush Tattoo hold 3-7 days on the skin.  more>>

Airbrush Bodypainting 100

Airbrush Body Art - HDTV
Airbrush makeup allows you to easily design effective hair and body art designs. With special paints and airbrush make-up design stencils you create in a short time in the current design trend glamorous summer look.  more>>

Airbrush Tanning 100

Airbrush Tanning
With our Airbrush Tanning Lotion and our Airbrush you become a naturally tanned complexion. Your skin immediately upon application receives his tan. Thus you can easily control your desired tone.  more>>

Airbrush Nails 100

Airbrush Nail Art
The Airbrush Nail Art has for years been the standard offering in needle Studios. The method provides for Airbrush Nail Art l the area limitless creative possibilities. The wide variety of subject stencils can help.  more>>



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